The latest accessory trend these days is headbands. You will see many girls, regardless of their age sporting these gorgeous headbands on their heads. If you’re having a bad hair day or are just looking for the right touch of the glam in yourself, then wearing a bow headband from Splash can be a perfect idea. However, you must wear these super girly and funky headbands in the right places. For example, you can sport them at casual lunches, walk, movies and some gatherings with friends; however, they will be a complete turnoff in case of important meetings, formal dinners, and weddings. That being said, the bow headbands are very much in and every girl should get them in different styles and colors with the help of Splash fashions promo code.

The Very Famous Large Bow Headband

The most famous and trendiest ones in the headbands are the large bow headband. This stunning and bold head accessory looks perfect when your hair is let loose in light curls, waves or even straight ironed. They are perfect for girls who have bangs or fringes in their haircut styles. You can either opt for plain bold colors in these headbands or also in polka dots (to get that Minnie mouse effects) or with little jewels on them. Use Splash fashions promo code to get them in different colors without having to pay a heavy price.

The Good Old Knitted Bow Headband

Another very famous headband style is the knitted bow headband. This gorgeous knitted bow headband is available in different styles, colors, and patterns. Since they are hand knitted, they were initially used in winters to keep ears warm and also for keeping hair away from the face. Now they’re a fashion statement and you will see babies sporting them, also girls, teens, and adult women all the time. If you have a Splash fashions promo code, you can take advantage by purchasing multiple of these headbands at a lower price.

Floppy Side Knotted Bow Hair Band for A Messy Day

If you have got messy hair which you love because of the new style they have given you. This is where you need to get the floppy side knotted bow hairband from Splash. This hairband is perfect for your messy, yet glamorous hair. This gives off a very boho chick look, a perfect look for your concert or movie night. These headbands look perfect on girls in their floral summery short frocks, on girls in their skin-tight jeans and t-shirts. Splash fashions promo code can help you in buying other accessories matching with your floppy side knotted bow hairband.

The Best Selling Top Knot Headband

The top knot headband is probably the topmost selling fashion head accessory at Splash. Available in different prints and colors, they’re perfect for girls of all ages. You will see many Instagram fashion influencers and bloggers sporting these headbands worldwide. If you have a Splash fashions promo code, you can also order in little bow headbands along with all the headbands mentioned above at a very reasonable price. You can also lookup for some formal headbands which you can wear with your formal dresses to different events such as parties and weddings.