Unless you’ve lived in the same place since you were born, you’ve probably been through a moving from Flyttebyrå Oslo. This moment needs a lot of planning and attention. After all, you need to transport all your belongings to a new address in the best possible way. On the other hand, you will need a professional shipping company at affordable prices to transport all your belongings with safety and security. Fortunately, with Shiply, now getting your items shipped home to you is possible. Just visit the website, search for the most affordable and professional services, and that’s all.

How will the change be made?

The first thing you have to think about is what will the change be like? Will it be done on its own? Will a company be responsible for packaging and shipping? Will you only hire a trolley to carry your belongings? Regardless of what you choose, you have to pre-organize your objects, separate what will be taken to the new house, and what will be discarded. So, start organizing the move as soon as possible so that you can calmly sort things out and don’t leave anything important behind.

Be careful with belongings when packing

When we think about how to organize a residential move, we always have to prioritize care when packing our belongings. After all, accidents can happen during transport and nobody wants anything broken, right? So, for fragile objects, use bubble wrap and even newspapers for protection. For clothes, put them in plastic bags so you don’t run the risk of them catching moisture or even rain during the move. Furniture and appliances require even greater care. It’s super important to protect all your furniture to avoid scratches, tears or even major damage. For packaging, you can use bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard, available in rolls

How to transport home appliances correctly?

Refrigerator: If you are unsure how to transport the refrigerator, first, empty the entire appliance. Then clean the interior. If it is not frost free, defrost it so that it is transported completely dry. Pack your refrigerator with bubble wrap and cardboard, thus avoiding scratches and dents during transport. When transporting your refrigerator, be careful.

Washing machine: When moving house, we always think about how to transport the washing machine. To do this, clean the washer using a washing cycle with water only. With the washer clean, unplug it from the outlet, the faucet and drain all the water from the hose. Then pack the washing machine with bubble wrap and cardboard to avoid scratches and dents. 

Stove and micro oven: To transport the stove, the first step is to disconnect it from the gas outlet. It is important that at this time, you turn off the output so that there are no leaks. Then remove the loose parts such as crates and shelves and pack them separately. Also pack the stove with bubble wrap and cardboard and pay special attention to the glass lid.


Besides the care with packaging and transport, you should also pay attention to cleaning. After all, there is nothing better than starting a new life with everything clean, right? The transport of home appliances needs even more special care. If handled improperly, they can even end up breaking and no one wants to lose anything at the time of the change.