If you are a true luxury traveller, a luxury hotel may be a better option than apartment rental services like Airbnb. Even though apartment rental services are ideal for budget travellers as they charge less costly than mid-range hotels, luxury hotels offer many benefits compared to rentals. These benefits include:

Better Value for Money

Luxury hotels usually offer exceptional service that even higher-end properties on Airbnb and apartment rentals don’t offer. For instance, a luxury hotel may offer a personalised welcome amenity for their guests, a special pastry treats or a cute plush animal for their guest’s kids, Champagne for those guests celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon or a cake for their guest’s birthday, plush bathrobes and slippers, twice-daily housekeeping and reservations at hard to get restaurant through the Concierge.

Their Employees Provide Good Customer Service

Luxury hotels understand the importance of great customer service. That is why they are rigorous when it comes to hiring and training employees who interact with their guests. Customer service is a key brand differentiator for luxury hotel brands like The Peninsula, Aman Resorts, Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons over other hotel chains.

They Help Their Guests Get A Good Night’s Sleep

While it is a basic need that hotels and places offering rental services should deliver a good night’s sleep, many cheaper hotels and rental apartments don’t deliver this. This may be because of an old saggy mattress, a rock-hard mattress, light streaming in too early in the morning when a guest wants to sleep, or lack of sufficient conditioning in hot climates.

Luxury hotels help their guests get a good night’s sleep by offering a comfortable bed that is supportive yet plush, blackout shades to make their rooms dark and nice even for midday naps and proper temperature control that works.

Their Guests Enjoy Better Loyalty and VIP Perks

The fact that the best luxury hotels often offer a preferred partner program or are a member of a luxury consortium means that their guests can enjoy special perks like complimentary breakfast, upgrade on arrival, hotel credit and other amenities depending on how the guests make their booking (insider tip: if you would like to be treated well, do not go through an online site like Orbitz or Expedia). You can books for excursions such as a trip to Turtle Islands or sight seeing in and around the city.

Some hotel brands like Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt, and St. Regis allow you to earn loyalty points through Marriott, Hyatt, and SPG respectively. You can redeem these loyalty points for future stays or upgrades or in the case of SPG, transfer to different airline frequent flyer programs to book flights. On the other hand, apartment rentals and Airbnb don’t offer these types of loyalty point or VIP perks.

Their Guests Can Move Rooms or Suites if Needed

At times, a mistake may occur or there may be a problem with your suite, room or rental and you may want to move to another room or suite. If you are at a luxury hotel, the hotel will look for another suite or room that you can move to (in some cases the hotel may upgrade you in the process). However, if you are in a rental, you will not have this option.

You Will Not Pay Anything If You Cancel a Refundable Reservation

If you would like to cancel a refundable reservation at a luxury hotel, you can do so usually until the day before (ensure that you check the cancellation policy of the luxury hotel) without paying anything. However, with Airbnb, most of the hosts have cancellation policies that are very strict, and you won’t be out the whole amount in case you cancel your reservation after booking.

Even if you reserve with a host with a more flexible cancellation policy, you will not get back the fee collected by the Airbnb. It is important to note that your Airbnb fee is non-refundable, even if you have a change of plans.