The very foundation of any woman’s wardrobe is a classic body shaper. You may be wondering, why is this piece of clothing so loved? In order to understand that, you will have to understand the structure of the body shaper. There are anchoring points located near the crotch and at the shoulders. This is a great feature that ensures the shaper doesn’t shift or roll up or down. This makes lingerie shapewear very firm, reliable and effective. With that said, how should you go about choosing the right one for you?


You need to think about where you want the most amount of compression.


This particular area is typically forgotten but it is very important. By choosing a body shaper that starts at the thighs, it will compress your thighs into a beautiful silhouette all the way to your shoulders. This will ensure your entire body is streamlined and sleek.


Most body shapers are cut in various panels. As a result of this, if a particular body shaper provides great waist compression, it will be able to effectively focus mainly around the waist region. This also helps ensure that there aren’t any visible hem lines.


There are also numerous body shapers that also offer bust shaping with a slip that enables you to select your own bra. This is done so that you can create a corset style and push up the bust area. This is a variable factor and you have a great deal of flexibility according to the particular occasion and the look you want to achieve.


There are very subtle body shapers as well as ones that create a very dramatic effect. So, you can easily select different ones according to your mood.


If you want to have an hourglass shape, then you should get a body suit that cinches at the waist. Do note that these type of body shapers don’t just compress the waist. To achieve an attractive hourglass figure, they will have to ensure the breasts are high enough and that there is a smooth hip line. By using a good quality body shaper every day, it will help to create this silhouette.


There are also body shapers that create smooth and elegant lines that are quite subtle and won’t dramatically change your body shape. These type of body shapers are light to medium suits. If you want that sleek effect, then you should definitely choose a long leg shaper.


When it comes to reducing an signs that you’re wearing a body shaper, you should choose one that is white or nude coloured. However, if you’re wearing it at night with evening wear, you may be more comfortable wearing a black or other dark coloured body shaper.


There are people who absolutely love having lace on their body shaper and those that hate it. So, there are many different body shapers that come with lace and there are those without it. With that said, if you plan on wearing very tight clothes, you should avoid using the lace since this will likely show up.


There are shaping slips that are suitable for dresses. These types of body shapers are anchored at the shoulders and they provide more compression around your waist as well as your thighs and hips. As a result, it gives any dress you wear a very smooth and beautiful finish.


The best shaper to wear on a daily basis would be an underwired body suit that has good anchoring. This type of body shaper will give you great support as well as be comfortable from your breasts to your hips.

As you can see, there are many different types of body shapers available and you don’t have to buy just one. You can buy different types for different occasions and outfits and even for different looks and moods. So, you should get started creating your body shaper collection so that you’re well covered for every look and season of the year!