Monetizing your blog means transforming your audience and content, into potential sources of income in your online business (ธุรกิจออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai). Earning money with your blog is one of the most sought after ways by Internet users who write regularly.

The primary goal in blogging remains the transmission of information on a very specific topic. The goal is to attract more and more visitors and create relevant and exciting content for its audience.

From there, the blogger can monetize his blog and thus generate an income. For this, several techniques can be used, as we will see.

Monetize Your Blog With Online Advertising Or Display

Monetization via online advertising, now called display, is one of the first techniques to come to mind. However, it is not very remunerative for blogs with low traffic. It is, therefore, generally the media and websites with high traffic that find their interest.

Monetization via online advertising goes through dedicated agencies that offer portfolios of sites to various advertisers. These agencies also provide retargeting via Google Ads. Let’s see 3 forms of advertising that you can use on your blog.

Click Or CPC Advertising

Click-through advertising or CPC (Cost Per Click) is based on an operating principle similar to the affiliation, which we will see below. The blogger will have to go through an agency like Google Ads or a partner or be in direct negotiation with an advertiser. The ads appear in dedicated places on your blog and work mainly on the principle of retargeting.

CPM Advertising

CPM (Cost for a Thousand) advertising is the most common method of display. The CPM means that the amount of the remuneration is announced for 1000 impressions, 100 displays of advertising over the visits. Remuneration is variable and sometimes goes up to $5 per CPM.

Live To Advertise

You can advertise on your blog by negotiating directly with publishers, companies, etc. The idea is to offer a monthly rate rather than a principle to CPC or CPM, because often less interesting.

When your site wins in price, it will be interesting to create a media kit if you are asked about this subject. A monthly rate will give you better visibility, and you can post for online job (งานออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai) or sell dedicated inserts such as banners, paving stones, possibly skins, etc.

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