How to Start a Garment Business (a Production Unit)

Before any business is started, a project plan should be available. If you are interested in setting up pants factory (โรงงานกางเกง, which is the term in Thai) for example, then you must have a business plan. Firstly you have to decide the kind of garment you will manufacture. Then you have to research extensively about the market and choose the section of the market to target. Next, you select your potential consumers and ascertain their credibility in the market.

Choose an Appropriate Product Category

Choosing the appropriate product category can play a crucial role. At the start of your garment factory, do not consider various kinds of garments such as polo, T-shirts, and woven products at the same time. You can choose pants produce as ordered (รับผลิตกางเกงwhich is the term in Thai) with one other category and focus on them.

Production Requirement

Try to have an estimate of the number of garments to produce per day; this will help you in future planning based on your budget and consumer demand. This encourages production to meet such targets.

Number of Machines

The number of machinery requirements should be determined. After setting up a factory for a specific amount of machines, you can determine the targeted production per day.

Factory Space Requirement

Estimate the required space to set up machines and equipment. Estimating the factory space requirement helps you plan the factory layout.

Manpower Requirement:

Also, consider the labour required for production. This includes the number of office staff, workers and supervisors. Also estimation has to be done for their salaries.

Project Budget

To determine the budget for setting up a garment industry, one could assess the cost of the project. You can do this by considering the total capital investment, workers’ wages, salary for staff, and running costs.

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