Once they realize the price of such an procedure, many people even give up on a hair implant. Approaching the term “hair transplant price” in a web browser implies prices that can differ enormously based on the clinic. Therefore, finding an appropriate response is always difficult.

Furthermore, in the UK, many hair clinics use fear-based communication. In order to justify their high prices, they do so to denigrate the efficiency of the treatments conducted in Turkey.

For a hair implant, what is the right amount to pay?

In terms of the cost of hair surgery, several factors play a part. Legislation and incomes in the UK also render it unaffordable for most individuals with problems with baldness. In addition, hair implants are regarded by the NHS as a cosmetic surgery technique. They are not reimbursed by it, thus.

The cost of transplants for hair in Turkey is way smaller, unlike in the United Kingdom. For example, a FUE hair transplant performed in Great Britain needs between £ 3500 and £ 5000. The pricing strategy for much the same treatment would, on either end, be about £ 1500 and £ 2100 in Turkey.

Why are hair transplantation expenses in Turkey cheaper?

When comparing UK vs Turkey, The prices of hair transplant in the UK are way more high than those made in Turkey, as stated earlier. The explanation is due to two variables which play a significant role. The cheap and inexpensive way of living in Turkey, on the one hand. For instance, for a 100-square-meter flat in Turkey, the rent is only £ 250 per month.

Also, food and daily life are much cheaper than in Great Britain. The reverse is that salaries are much lower. Which, from the other side, makes it easy to offer more active strategy to foreign visitors without losing quality.

Hundreds of people travel to this nation every year to take out cosmetic procedures. This has created a dynamic industry in which clinics play on rates to attract this consumer base.

Does the low cost of a hair transplant have an effect on consistency in Turkey?

Everyone usually thinks that hair transplantation are not of the quality standard in Turkey like the quality in France. We need to recognize that the norms put on Turkish clinics are as draconian as they are in France. Moreover, with the Internet, no institution can afford to get a bad image nowadays.

A worldwide reputation has also been established by Turkish physicians. Istanbul has been a preferred destination for this. Especially because of the many high-quality clinics the city has.

Contrastingly,  those clinics still pay heed. Often unscrupulous, they have built a real parallel market in the plastic surgery sector in Turkey. If a clinic declares a “cheap hair transplant in Turkey,” and even to the country’s standards. Many added expenses are also also hidden by these very low prices. Perhaps worse, very poor-quality facilities. Which is why it is essential to still verify the expertise of a hair doctor prior to making your choice. A fast Internet search would usually help make decisions.