The competition in the laptop market is fierce. Many traditional laptop markets are being changed by new manufacturers such as mobile phones. The new manufacturers do not lose or even surpass the traditional manufacturers. Among them, HONOR is the representative of the new manufacturers. HONOR MagicBook series laptops have won the recognition of many young people. They have occupied a large part of the market share.

HONOR MagicBook 15 is a product launched last year. It belongs to the younger generation of laptops. The brisk and flexible design concept gives consideration to portability and performance to realize an efficient office experience. The product uses a 15.6-inch screen. Its weight is controlled at 1.53 Kg. The design of drilling and cutting blue edges is adopted. It looks fashionable. The proportion of screens reached 87%.

The whole computer is surrounded by a circle of bright blue edges. The logo is anodized in two colors. Once there is light during the day or at night, it can reflect a charming blue color. Blue itself is a hint of melancholy color. But it looks fresh and refined on it. Its recognition degree is high. It looks high-end in appearance. This makes its surface no longer monotonous.

In terms of hardware configuration, the low-voltage AMD Ryzen R5-3500U processor is used. In addition, it can be basically guessed in other aspects. 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD are sufficient in most cases.

In terms of upgrade capability, 8GB of memory is onboard. There is no upgrade space. There are HDD hard disk bits inside. So there is no need to struggle with the capacity.

The expansion capability performs very well in various scenarios. It has two USB3.1 interfaces, a USB Type-C responsible for power supply and expansion. It has an HDMI interface in addition.

This laptop has all the selling points of the HONOR family, such as the camera hidden in the keyboard and the fingerprint power key. Magic-link is the most distinctive feature on HONOR MagicBook laptop. Once you use it, you fall in love with it.

A full-size keyboard is adopted, and its grainy keyboard allows users to tap the keyboard to experience it is good!

Having a high-quality laptop is a happy thing, which can bring too much convenience to work and life. This laptop produced by HONOR is a laptop worth buying both in terms of portability and function. The price will not put too many people who want to buy under pressure. Among the models with the same price, its performance is worthy of affirmation.