When it comes to beauty, they say that flexibility is the key. Holding onto the old definitions of beauty can lead to unappreciated the unique features that you have. Instead, you must find power over your look. By reinventing and trying out the trends, it will not be impossible to finally see yourself as the person you want to be. Sometimes, it would take a little aesthetic treatment to highlight your assets and boost your confidence.


Today, you will see clinics and beauty stands that offer various enhancement treatments. One of them might be the trendy lash lift in Singapore. It is one of the many beauty-boosting treatments that you can get. However, you might also be new to these advanced beauty treatments that you might be scared to try. If so, what is good to remember is that there is power in research. Learning more about the beauty enhancements will provide you with information that you seek to ease your mind into the idea of getting one. 


Here, you will learn about the lash lift and why it is a trend nowadays. By the time you finish this article, all the doubts and hesitation will leave your mind. So, start reading!


Lash Lift and Lash Tint

Defining terms is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the fear of trying something new. Since it is almost a natural response for people to be afraid of what they do not know or understand, taking this first step will bring you closer to where you want to be: at the beauty salon getting semi permanent makeup.


What is a lash lift? It is a lash procedure that gives you semi-permanent curled and lifted lashes. Undeniably, it is an appealing procedure for people, both men and women, who want to replace the need for an eyelash curler. The result of this procedure is to give you longer and voluminous lashes. 



What you can expect in a lash lift procedure from Singapore studios is that they will take more or less 60 minutes of your time. Using Korean techniques and products, your lower lashes will be held down by tapes to avoid them from tangling with your upper lashes. Both of your lashes will get three coatings. After cleansing the eye area, the first two coatings to be applied are lifting lotions. With every coat application, a suitable curling rod size will be used to shape the lashes in the way that you want. Lastly, the last coating would be a natural keratin boost to keep your lashes in place and make them look full and healthy!


Aside from a lash lift, you might also get offered to get a lash tint. The difference between a lash tint and a lash lift in Singapore beauty studios is that the former is similar to a brown tint. Getting this will save you plenty of time in the morning. You no longer have to worry about prepping with a mascara primer, applying multiple coats of mascara, and even glueing falsies. Getting this with your lash lift ensures darker, thicker, and fuller-looking eyelashes!



Typically, this procedure would not take as much time as your lash lift. What you can expect is an additional coating application. It is a special dye for your eyelashes, and the smell is faint, such as your lifting lotion. When your technician applies this, you would be lying down or reclining in a chair. You will be instructed to keep your eyes closed for about 10 minutes. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure, so you can erase your worries about getting one.


In your head, you might be thinking about why these procedures are worth the money. Well, instead of asking friends or strangers about their experience and what good these procedures give to them, let this article save you time and elaborate on why they are in the trending spot of beauty enhancement procedures today.


Why is Lash Lift so Popular?

For many decades, women have always looked for new ways to look and feel more beautiful. From corsets that women wore in ancient times to getting semi permanent makeup today, technology is contributing so much to making life easier for women. 


The world is in its progressive time. Ever since women had deservingly got the right to vote, many victories had soon followed, especially getting the right to work in business. Today, they hustle in the business world and most of the time, they get up and work in a style that is complete with makeup and fabulous office outfits. It takes up lots of time to prepare in the morning. 


So, what makes a lash lift stand out and appealing for busy working women? 



It is low maintenance

You have a busy life these days, and you want to still feel glamorous even when you are not trying. Hence, they like to get a lash lift in Singapore beauty studios. 


With a lash lift, you no longer need to take more time giving your eyes more open or awake. It can give you a youthful appearance without using a lash curler! All you will need to do is preserve its appearance with aftercare until it is time to get them again.


It is long-lasting

With filler lash lifts, you can enjoy a brighter and attractive look that can last up to eight to twelve weeks. It can still last longer with good aftercare!


As long as you:

  • Do not rub your lashes

By rubbing, it means you avoid how you normally rub your eyes in the morning to remove sands in your eyes. 

  • Do not get them wet for the first 24hrs

It does not completely mean that you avoid the bath altogether. You can clean every part of your body below your neck!

  • Stick with gentle products

If you have always been careful with how you wash your face, especially when you got that Korean eyebrow embroidery, it is time that you apply that same gentleness with your eyelashes.

  • Avoid waterproof mascara

Not like you would be needing to apply makeup, but in case you are wondering what you could apply and cannot, you must avoid your old waterproof mascara!

  • No sauna and swimming in the meantime

Say no to sauna or steam rooms for now. Swimming should also be out of your list! Give your new lashes at least 24hrs to settle in.

  • Postpone other beauty treatments

As much as you want to do everything in one day, you should never do it on the day of your lash lift procedure in Singapore. Reschedule your other beauty treatments a day away or a week away.


You can say goodbye to lash extensions

Not only is it a hassle to apply falsies in the morning when you are all sleepy and groggy, or you are in a hurry, but your wallet also takes a punch. It is not your fault when you lose your falsies in an event or when you are casually window shopping in a mall. Why not save yourself from the self-blaming and get a lash lift?


With this, you would not have to worry about smelling the strong adhesive you apply to your lashes every morning. It is a great alternative, or even a better one because it will still give you that luscious natural feel of thick eyelashes. 


It is sort of addicting

The good kind! With all the perks you would be getting with one lash lift procedure, you will be coming back for more. It is a harmless addiction because they use imported products from Korea!


Not to mention, you can also get other beauty procedures that Koreans do to achieve their beautiful appearance! There are beauty studios that also offer Korean eyebrow embroidery that you can get if you also have thin eyebrows or you have bald spots in that area. 


It is time that you treat yourself with something that you want and can make you boost your confidence. In these trying situations, you should never forget to do things that make you happy. If it just so happens that you like looking beautiful, getting a lash lift procedure is something you should not feel guilty about investing.


Who is Eligible to Get a Lash Lift?


One unfortunate truth about semi permanent makeup like lash lifts is that it is not for everyone. But, you might be one of the hopefuls who want to get its perks. To exactly know if you are one of the lucky ones, here are the people who are eligible and qualified to go to a beauty studio and book a lash lift appointment right away:


When you have natural short eyelashes

Tracing down your roots and learning why you have shorter eyelashes than your boyfriend is not worth the sweat. When you discover that your eyelashes would no longer grow beyond their natural length no matter what supplements you drink or oils you apply, accept it for what it is and consider the lash lift option. It works for almost every lash length and thickness out there, including yours!


When you have healed from eyelash adhesives

Every girl has had their share of traumatic beauty experiences. From accidentally giving yourself a bad bangs haircut to pulling out almost all of your lashes from the adhesive of a lash extension, you deserve a win with a lash lift in Singapore beauty studios. 


Once your eyelash hairs start growing back and reach up to 7mm, you can book that appointment. You no longer have to face another traumatic experience with eyelash falsies ever again, especially if you continue getting lash lifts every four to five months!


When your eyelashes are droopy

You might have been blessed with long lashes, but do people see that? Some people were naturally born with long but droopy and straight lashes. They might look like they are dying flowers. Well, do not worry because with a little hydrating experience with the lash lift semi permanent makeup, you can make them perkier!


Do you belong to one of these groups of people? If so, you can enjoy this treatment! 


When Should You Get a Lash Lift?

Even when beauty studios offer lash lift enhancements in Singapore on any day of the year, there is a perfect time for you to get the lash lift procedure that you want. To know when to consider these times, note these:


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You have the budget

You have necessities that you have to prioritise first. When it comes to non-invasive procedures like lash lifts, you should only get one when you have the budget for it. Some beauty studios may offer higher prices, so take the time to compare each of them.


Going to an event

Do you want to look effortlessly beautiful at a corporate event? Getting semi permanent makeup got you covered. Ensure that you book your appointment at least a week before the date of the event to let the curls settle in!


Just because

So, you want to feel beautiful, and you have money ready to spend. What is holding you back from getting a lash lift? Take this chance! Surely, you would not regret its many benefits. 


Go Bare and Get a Lash Lift from Dreamlash


Beauty is a form of art. While everyone can do art, only artists can do it perfectly. It applies when you are getting beauty enhancement procedures. With the lash artists of Dreamlash, you will find the best design suitable for your face shape. When you want to go for a specific sexy or flirty eye look, they can achieve that too!


You deserve to feel beautiful inside and out. Sometimes, it will only need a push from beauty artists to reach that goal. When you seek the treatments offered by Dreamlash, from lashes to Korean eyebrow embroidery, rest assured that you can go for that bare look and still make heads turn as you confidently strut your way to work!


Are you ready to take your beauty to the next level? If so, go book your lash lift and tint appointment at Dreamlash by filling up their online booking form on their website right now!